Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Is It Weird Play with Dollhouse as an Adult?

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Dollhouses are usually identical to children’s toys. A big ‘house’ with some miniatures of home furniture, for example is a miniature danish butter cookies, always make the children scream cheerfully. They let their imagination go too far, but it is normal for their age. However, what if an adult still like to play a dollhouse? Is this normal or weird? Let’s check the answer below!

Why Adult Likes to Play a Dollhouse?
Playing with the dollhouse will teach children to have a sense of responsibility. They learn how to keep it clean and well-maintained, even feeding and dressing the dolls nicely. But as they grow up, children may start to learn something new and leave their favorite toys. They move on to things that are more “adult”, such as make up, football, hangout with their friends, or love someone.

For adults, dollhouse may be only a good memory of their childhood life although they still keep it safe. Meanwhile, what about an adult who still like dolls? Is it normal? I think yeah, you can still play with dollhouse at any age. There are no restrictions. You are allowed to save your money for a new miniature of your dollhouse, such as miniature danish butter cookies at Also, you are allowed to buy a new doll. There is nothing weird about this.

However, this can also be a problem if the dollhouse become the focus of your life. For example, you give all your money to collect all the series of your dollhouse furniture instead buy a new one for your real house. It becomes unhealthy if your play time interfere with your daily activities. But, playing with dolls a few hours after your full days activities can be a good mental therapy.

So, if you want to buy some miniature for your dollhouse like a miniature danish butter cookies, you can visit Choose whatever you want. There are many miniatures, and they sell it at cheap prices. Good Luck!

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